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Areas of Practice

Energy and Mining Law

Travieso originated as an energy firm in the 1920's. We represented a large number of oil companies until the nationalization of the oil industry in 1976 and oil industry service providers thereafter. We continue to represent major companies that offer services to the oil industry and during the last several years have been extremely active in representing foreign oil and drilling companies as they participated in the oil industry opening that took place in the late 90s relating to the development of new areas (profit sharing agreements), marginal fields (operating agreements) and strategic associations (Orinoco Basin extra heavy crude projects) petrochemical ventures, construction of infrastructure, etc. This work engaged us not only in corporate organization, bidding and tax planning, but also in working closely on behalf of our clients, proposing drafts of laws related to the opening of the oil and petrochemical industry to private investment and enterprise.

Following the migration of Strategic Associations, Profit Sharing Agreements and the Orimulsion Project to the structure of mixed companies in 2007, we continue advising many of our clients in negotiating the conversion agreements and also as shareholders of such mixed companies in various fields. Likewise, we have represented clients in large infrastructure development projects related with the energy sector.

Our Firm also represented clients in the natural gas opening as well as in other independent projects relating with natural gas. We have organized and participated in international seminars addressed to energy companies for purposes of presenting business plans and strategies for the development of the natural gas industry.

Our Firm has been historically associated with mining activities in Venezuela, starting with our representation of US Steel's Cerro Bolívar iron development in the Puerto Ordaz area in the 1950's. We continue to assist clients in the formation of mining companies and in all steps required to obtain the proper authorization for carrying out mining activities. We prepare drafts of contracts for assigning and transferring mining licenses, leasing mining deposits and related agreements. Our work involves consultations regarding mining laws, tax issues, incorporation of mining rights into assets and negotiation of mining concessions. We represent mining companies before all relevant government agencies.

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